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What makes us who we are?

We are a combination of Talents and Potentials inherited through our DNA, the way our Brains are wired after years of experience, and our infinite ability to Experiment, Learn, and Adapt our Behaviours.

Leadership Development

Linking Genetics, Neuroscience, and Psychology to Brain-Based Leadership
The Cambridge Retreat
5-day retreat at Madingley Hall, University of Cambridge. A fully experiential Leadership Development Programme endorsed by ILM. For Mid and Senior level Managers.
In-house Customised Programmes
Tailored based on management requirements and the Genetic and Behavioural profile of the team. A fully experiential intervention with customised activities addressing company-specific challenges. ILM endorsed. For Junior, Mid and Senior level Managers.
Brain-Based Strategic Leadership in Cambridge
Designed in partnership with Cambridge University’s Institute of Sustainability Leadership (CISL). Addresses a strategic focus on how leaders can generate long term sustainability for their organisations in a rapidly changing world. ILM endorsed. Certified by the University of Cambridge. For Mid and Senior level Managers.

“The programme helped me with...

understanding and appreciating others
motivating and 
developing others
performant teams


Applying the latest findings in Genetics, Neuroscience, and Behavioural Psychology
Meet Yourself™
The world's first personality-at-work, self-testing DNA kit combining genetics, neuroscience and psychology.
Central Test
A compilation of British Psychology Society approved behavioural assessments measuring various behaviours at work.
My Brainprint™
Neuroscience-based assessment for measuring brain preferences. The Thinking behind the Behaviour.
360 Degree Test
A powerful tool comparing self-perception with that of others in the team. Fully customised for every organisation.
Over 30 years of brain research revealing thinking and behavioral preferences.
scientific papers
in behavioural
of brain
genetic, neuroscientific, and psychological tests

Executive & Business Coaching

An impressive list of business and executive coaches with a wealth of corporate experience, offering support in your journey of personal development.
One-on-one coaching/mentoring
Group coaching/mentoring
Chosen in the same field of expertise

Professional Qualifications

The UK’s leading bodies for management and leadership qualifications. Levels 3, 5, and 7 Diplomas and Certificates. Only for corporate groups.
No entry requirements
Work-based assessments
Tutorial Support
Professional Membership
Access to resource center

Clients & Partners

Thousands of Satisfied Engagements in 29 countries
giving us 
global experience
and 1000s of leaders working within these organisations
our versatility

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  • “… the programme stimulated my brain… opened my thoughts and connections… drop everything you’re doing and come here…”
    – Lamia Alansi
    Procurement Director, Oman
  • “… this is the best place for a leadership programme… definitely we can have more… gained experience from speakers and participants…”
    – Marwan Khoury
    General Manager, Lebanon
  • “… fascinated about how this programme is lead… I made great friendships…”
    – Rafal Ridha
    Head of Architectural Design, Abu Dhabi
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